Saga is what you would get if Romeo and Juliet weren’t the children of rivalling noble families, but alien soldiers fighting on opposite sides of a galactic war. The protagonists Alana and Marko fall in love despite the deep rooted hatred that exist between their races, and it leads to nothing short of absolute chaos.

I was captivated by this series as soon I read the very first page of the first volume, which depicts Alana giving birth. Before the happy couple can even agree on a name for their precious new born they are ambushed by soldiers. They surprisingly manage to escape but this attack sets the tone for the rest of the series. The couple’s union undermines the war that consumes the entire galaxy, and many will stop at nothing to destroy it. But Alana and Marko are determined to stay together, even if that means they’ll be forever on the run.

This comic is the embodiment of creativity. The world building is excellent and every planet has a distinct look and feel. Such as Sextillion where no fantasy is too perverse, or the Robot Kingdom where everyone walks around with TVs for heads. Staple’s manages to bring all of this to life with some of the best artwork I’ve seen to date. But what impresses me most about this fictional universe is that you never forget a war is taking place. Each planet and it’s inhabitants are scarred by the war in some tragic way, and none of the wackiness distracts from that.

The characters are incredibly well written and complex. And I couldn’t help but fall in love with people I initially hated. I however try not to get too attached as many favourites end up taking their exit in a very Game of Thrones-like fashion.

Though Saga starts off as a classic tale of forbidden love, there is so much more to take away from it. The comic doesn’t shy away from addressing topics like abortion, lgbtq rights or racism, and does so without it feeling forced. I also appreciate how violence is dealt with in this comic. There is a lot of graphic violence throughout but you can see how that impacts the characters. They don’t get to mindlessly end lives and skip off into the sunset.

I highly recommend this series, its unpredictable, insightful and a lot of fun! The only issue I have is that I have to wait to read the next volume.



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